bind 9 zones not loading reliably

David Botham dns at
Wed Oct 2 18:57:07 UTC 2002

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> Subject: bind 9 zones not loading reliably
> We use a central dns repository to edit the zonefiles and then ssh the
> edited zonefile out to the nameservers and hup the nameservers.  Since

Use rndc, not kill -HUP <pid-of-named>

> upgrading to BIND 9, we are seeing occassional failures where an

Do you have log entries indicating the failure?

> zonefile is not be loaded during the hup.  The hup loads other updated
> zonefiles but misses loading one every now and then.  Nothing
> consistent, different servers, different zonefiles.  The zonefile
> timestamp and serial number are always the updated copy on the host,
>   the nameservice just ignores it.  Doing a touch on the file and
> hup'ing the nameservice causes bind to load it.
> Problem is very intermittent.  We are running hundred if not thousands
> of zones on a nameserver and probably 20 zonefiles are updated daily.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Gary

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