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Actually, if your name server is registered at Network Solutions and you
change its "HOST" entry there, the change will automatically filter into all
the Domains that are registered with NetSol that reference that name server.
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> > Greetings;
> > I'm getting ready to replace my current DNS server with a new machine.
> The
> > IP address will be different so I know I will need to change that with
> the
> > registrar. Any other gotchas I should be aware of?
> Yes.  I am fairly certain that even if you change the IP of the name
> server with your Registrar, that change will not filter into the
> delegation RR for the zones on that name server.
> In other words:  Let's say your name server is with IP
> (that will be changed to  Also, let's say that
> you have a domain that is registered to use that name server called
> I am pretty sure you will need to make two changes here:
> 1.  Change your name server host record at the registrar for
> to reflect ns1's change in IP address to
> 2.  Change the registration information to reflect the change in
> ns1's IP address to
> I am sure you can see where the lag associated with these changes can
> cause a lapse in resolution if you are not careful.  This problem gets
> worse with an increase in the number of zones hosted on the name server.
> I recommend a process something like this:
> 1.  Create (and register) a new name server (say ns2) and load all the
> zones from the old name server on it.
> 2.  Make the old name server a slave to the new server (make changes on
> the new server, they will replicate to the old server).
> 3.  Make all the necessary changes with your registrar for all your
> domains.
> 4.  When you are sure that no one is using the old name server anymore
> (all delegation information is updated at the registrar and TTLs [gtld
> ttls are currently 2d] have expired), take the ole name server off the
> net.
> Dave...
> >
> > Thanks

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