slave vs. second master

Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Oct 4 16:46:36 UTC 2002

> I have two DNS servers, dns1 and dns2.  I want to setup another DNS server
> at a second location.  This server will be listed as a second name server
> (called dns3) for my domains and dns2 will become third.  Should I set
> up as master for all zones (same as dns1 is setup) and have to edit the
> files on two servers when changes are made?  My concern is if my main
> server is offline, I want my new dns3 server to service queries
> indefinitely.  If I set it as a slave, it will die after a while, won't

Yes, but only after the expiration time for your zones passes.  You can
make that quite long, and if your primary master fails, you can reconfigure
your slave to be primary master for those zones.

In other words, I'd configure that name server as a slave.


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