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Sat Oct 5 16:07:02 UTC 2002

Jennifer <jeh at> wrote:
> I have two DNS servers, dns1 and dns2.  I want to setup another DNS server
> at a second location.  This server will be listed as a second name server
> (called dns3) for my domains and dns2 will become third.  Should I set this
> up as master for all zones (same as dns1 is setup) and have to edit the
> files on two servers when changes are made?  My concern is if my main master
> server is offline, I want my new dns3 server to service queries
> indefinitely.  If I set it as a slave, it will die after a while, won't it?

Which one is first  second and third does not matter , round robin will
shuffle them around anyway.

The "normal way" is to use one as master, the others as slaves. With
a reasonable long expire time you should be able to reconfigure 
one of your slaves as master ( and make the remaing slave pull from
the new master) before the zone expires.

All provided that you actually detect the master die before "expire" times out.

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