Config problem with Master and Slave Servers

Philippe.Garcet at Philippe.Garcet at
Mon Oct 7 11:35:04 UTC 2002

Hy there,

I have a very strange problem and I don't know if this is a config or
network problem.

Both servers are defined in the network config of the NT4 Workstation.

In fact, I've setup a Master and a slave server, when I stop the master
server to test the Slave to see if he's answering request, I get the
following when running the NSLOOKUP tool:


DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
timeout (2 secs)
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out
*** Default servers are not available
Default Server:  UnKnown

> exit

On another way if I manually set up the default server to the slave, it
works perfect.

I have defined in the named.conf two NS records pointing to both servers

Does somebody have an explanation and/or a solution or at least a way to
search ?

Thank in advance,


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