name server registration problem

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Tue Oct 8 05:32:21 UTC 2002

--On 8. oktober 2002 01:32 +0000 Larry 
<TheHalloweenNetworkNOTOURADDRESS at> wrote:
> My Domain service says that my ISP is incorrect and that the IP is
> restricted.
> So the ISP said it is the Domain Service and the Domain Service said it is
> the ISP/IP
> The IP address is reachable. (

Could this be related to what we can find on the following url:

According to RFC 3330 section 2:

" - This block was allocated in early 1996 for use in
provisioning IP service over cable television systems.  Although the
IANA initially was involved in making assignments to cable operators,
this responsibility was transferred to American Registry for Internet
Numbers (ARIN) in May 2001.  Addresses within this block are assigned
in the normal manner and should be treated as such."

So my understanding (but I'm no expert) is that the 24-network is now a 
valid normal network, and you should perhaps tell your registrar (or your 
Domain service as you call it) that the network really does seem to be a 
valid normal network and perhaps also point them in the direction of the 
URL  I mentioned and RFC 3330 section 2.

Eivind Olsen
eivind at

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