Refer single machine in local DNS server to outside name resoluton?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Oct 8 19:27:23 UTC 2002

> I have a strange DNS problem. I have have a private 192.168 network for 
> a domain - let's call it "". I have a local DNS server for 
> that network (not publicly accessible). However, one machine with name 
> "" is in fact an alias for a machine in a different 
> domain, i.e. the IP address of that machine does NOT start with 192.168. 
> although that machine has the same domain extension as all other 
> machines which DO start with 192.168.
> So I can't put "" in my local DNS as its IP address does 
> not match the IP range. But as this machine has the domain extension 
> "", the local DNS server refuses to look outside for an 
> authoritative answer - hence always returns that it can't resolve the 
> name to an address.

You seem to think there's a one-to-one relationship between zones
and networks.  There isn't.  You can add a A record for
to the zone data file no matter what network it's on.  Didn't
you try?


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