Cache and munge some records too.

David Busby busby at
Wed Oct 9 20:03:53 UTC 2002

	I couldn't find this in the archive so here goes:

I'm running my Bind 9.2.1 server as a caching only name server, all is 
well.  I want to fudge the records for certian domain names so that they 
point to a different IP address.  Currently I edit the hosts file on my 
computers to know the update, I would like the update to be network 
wide.  Is it possible to tell bind to report a different IP address for 
a domain name that I'm not authoritative for?  If so, how?

And another question about caching:
My name server caches records for how long?  The TTL from the SOA 
correct?  Sometimes when my internet connection fails my Bind server 
will also fail to give responses to my clients?  Shouldn't it report 
data from the cache?


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