Cache and munge some records too.

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Oct 9 21:50:22 UTC 2002

> I'm running my Bind 9.2.1 server as a caching only name server, all is 
> well.  I want to fudge the records for certian domain names so that they 
> point to a different IP address.  Currently I edit the hosts file on my 
> computers to know the update, I would like the update to be network 
> wide.  Is it possible to tell bind to report a different IP address for 
> a domain name that I'm not authoritative for?  If so, how?

Well, you can create a zone that contains just that domain name
and make your name server authoritative for it.  For example:

zone "" {
	type master;
	file "";

And in

@	IN	SOA	(
	2002100900 1h 15m 30d 1h )

	IN	A	<the IP address you want to return>

> And another question about caching:
> My name server caches records for how long?  The TTL from the SOA 
> correct?  

No, the TTL from the records it's cached.  In the master file on
the primary master name server, each record either has an explicit
TTL or a default, usually inherited from a $TTL control statement. 

> Sometimes when my internet connection fails my Bind server 
> will also fail to give responses to my clients?  Shouldn't it report 
> data from the cache?

It should, but maybe the clients aren't finding the cached data
initially because of application of the search list.


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