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> > I'm trying to achieve the following:
> >
> > <---- x at e.f.g --- (DNS) <--- x at a.b.c ---
> >
> > My DNS receive a name x at a.b.c and I want to change the domain name to
> e.f.g.
> > Is this something acheivable in DNS configuration?
> If you're talking about email, you could make a.b.c an alias
> for e.f.g with a CNAME record:
> a.b.c.    IN    CNAME    e.f.g.
> cricket

Or if you're talking about having email "aliases" such that X gets his/her
email at/as X at e.f.g regardless of whether it was sent to X at e.f.g or X at a.b.c,
then this is not a DNS issue, its an email server issue.  But it generally
starts with the CNAME setup Cricket mentioned so that the mail all goes to
the same physical server to begin with.  While not a topic for this
particular list, I can tell you it varies from server to server, depends on
what you're running for an email server.  Exchange and iMail both allow you
to specify email aliases and/or email forwarding at the server level, and if
I remember my Unix administration days correctly, so do the standard mail
facilities on Unix.  Check with your email server admin, he/she can probably
steer you in the right direction.
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