Changing domain name

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sat Oct 12 22:52:43 UTC 2002

At 03:42 PM 10/10/02, Cricket Liu wrote:

> > I'm trying to achieve the following:
> >
> > <---- x at e.f.g --- (DNS) <--- x at a.b.c ---
> >
> > My DNS receive a name x at a.b.c and I want to change the domain name to
> > Is this something acheivable in DNS configuration?
>If you're talking about email, you could make a.b.c an alias
>for e.f.g with a CNAME record:
>a.b.c.    IN    CNAME    e.f.g.

You shouldn't be using CNAMES with MX records.  You just need to change
the MX record to point to the host that you want to receive the mail. So your
MX record for the a.b.c domain would look like
@               IN MX 10 e.f.g

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