Root server Glue

Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Oct 11 14:53:48 UTC 2002

Evan Xinos wrote:
> Should the root servers provide glue for name servers?

For name servers that serve top-level zones, when that glue is
necessary, yes.

> If there is no glue what are the implications?

Name resolution for zones delegated to that name server won't
work or will take longer than necessary.

> My isp does not have glue for there NS at the root name servers.
> Should I do something about it?

Typically, an ISP won't have its name servers registered with the
root name servers, but with the gTLD name servers.  Have you
checked whether your ISP's name servers are registered with
the gTLD name servers?  For example, you could try:

$ dig <domain name of ISP's name server>


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