can nslookup but not ping

David Busby busby at
Fri Oct 11 21:47:13 UTC 2002

	You question is off topic for this forum but here is a response anyways:

# nslookup [fqdn]

Note the IP address that is returned by nslookup
Make sure your W2K box has that IP address configured on the correct 
network interface, make sure that network interface has a physical 
connection to the internet.

Are you using the W2K machine as a DNS server?  You should setup a 
scheduled task to stop and restart that service about every two weeks, 
seems to be some odd bug that performance degrades, no MS bug tho ;)

nslookup only tells you what IP address(es) a name resolves to, does not 
guarntee that any machine is at that address, only that a mapping exists 
in the DNS for that name to address(es).

ping won't always work, some sysadmins turn off ICMP ECHO replys from 
their server so that a ping will always fail, you'd have to try to 
connect to an open service to see if it's really there.  The possiblilty 
of doing this on Windows is limited

I hope you're not putting this machine on the internet, IMHO securing 
Windows is tougher that securing *NIX (cause you can't "tweak" as much). 
  If you are you should learn how to secure it, fast.  Also, use the 
Windows Update (crap) and make sure you have the latest security updates 
otherwise you'll be owned in a few minutes.

The problem here seems to be the Windows box, not DNS.  Look for a 
newsgroup like, or comp.os.unsecure, or comp.os.crap for 
Windows postings/help


cate wrote:
> <Third time posting this. Hope this one makes it.>
> Greetings,
> I want to run on a machine running Win2000
> Server. I'm doing something wrong, because I can nslookup on that name
> successfully, but not ping it by either its IP or name. I can ping
> other servers from the machine, however, and its connection is fine--I
> can browse anywhere from the machine.
> This is my first time using Win2000 Server, in fact, my first time
> with DNS in a Windows environment. The online help was no help;
> apparently my ability to nslookup but not ping stumped it.
> Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong or neglected to do?
> Thanks,
> Cate

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