can nslookup but not ping

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Oct 13 15:03:21 UTC 2002

At 03:36 PM 10/11/02, cate wrote:

><Third time posting this. Hope this one makes it.>
>I want to run on a machine running Win2000
>Server. I'm doing something wrong, because I can nslookup on that name
>successfully, but not ping it by either its IP or name. I can ping
>other servers from the machine, however, and its connection is fine--I
>can browse anywhere from the machine.

This is not a DNS problem, it's a connectivity problem.  If you can't ping
a machine by IP address, then you don't have connectivity. If you can
browse you probably have a proxy server configured in the browser to
get through a firewall. Ping requires direct connections. If you can run
nslookup of the name, then your list of nameservers on the machine is
set up correctly.

>This is my first time using Win2000 Server, in fact, my first time
>with DNS in a Windows environment. The online help was no help;
>apparently my ability to nslookup but not ping stumped it.

That's normal.

>Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong or neglected to do?


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