One slave notified... other ignored?!?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Oct 12 03:21:09 UTC 2002

Stephen Amadei wrote:

> Hey guys.
> Recently, I tossed out our old 2 server (slave/master) DNS setup
> and replaced it with a 3 server (master/2 slaves) 9.2.2rc1 DNS setup.
> For the most part, everything is running fine... but one slave updates
> quickly (via a NOTIFY) and one slave updates slowly... via expired
> resfresh.  I upped the debug logging and it seems the master is simply not
> notifying one slave.  How exactly does BIND learn who it's slaves are?
> I read they come from the zone file... which lists...
>             IN NS
>             IN NS
> and are both the slaves... the master
> has nothing configured on it to make it believe it is
> It notifies ns2, but not ns.
> What am I missing here?  I suppose I can fix this with a also-notify
> in the config, but I want to understand why.  Is it possibly a bug that
> BIND assumes it is and doesn't sent the notify?

No, read RFC 1996. is in the MNAME field of's SOA
record, so it gets *removed* from the NOTIFY list because named thinks that's
the name of the master.

- Kevin

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