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Danny Mayer mayer at
Mon Oct 14 23:35:08 UTC 2002

At 04:59 AM 10/13/02, =?big5?B?srOm3LjqsFQtLar5r6s=?= wrote:
>Excuse me ! I want to use BIND9 setup on Windows 2000  , But I don't know 
>how to edit named.conf

If you really just mean edit, any text editor like notepad will do. If you 
mean create a named.conf file, that's a different matter. You can look at
Cricket Liu's DNS & BIND 4th edition book.  The files are the same on
both Unix and Win32. You could also look at
which has some information on setting up BIND 8 on Win32. BIND 9's
files are the same. The site is a little old but most of the information is
still good.  Also read the ARM which is included as a set of HTML pages
in the binary kit. Note that you cannot start the BIND service until you
have a valid named.conf file and loadable zones (if any). Use
named-checkconf to check named.conf and named-checkzone to
check each zone file you want to load.

>Dp you have sample file . let't me to consult . Or other documents that 
>me  to consult

See above.

>Thank You Help !!
>Janus Lin from Taiwan


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