Partial Primary?

David Botham dns at
Tue Oct 15 16:36:24 UTC 2002

Partial Primary... Is that like "a little bit pregnant"?  :)

Can't be done...  see below

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> I am quite new to setting up bind and have run into a problem that I
> can't seem to work around.  I am trying to have our internal dns
> a few of our externally resolveable addresses rerouted to their
> resolutions...
> Internally we have where our servers reside.
> These servers are reachable from the internet and the dns for
> is hosted by someone else.  We also have some hosted
> that reside in but offsite.  What I would like to do is
> direct our internal clients to resolve those servers that are inside
> network to our internal IP scheme but resolve the external addresses
> the dns servers that our "out there".  I would like to avoid
> the exteral zone file for, rather I would like to only
> resolve a few names and let the rest resolve from the net.

In the end, if you want something like this behavior:

Inside resolves to <internal-IP>
Outside resolves to <external-IP>

Inside resolves to <external-hosted-IP>
Outside resolves to < external-hosted-IP>

Then, you will have to load "" on your internal name server
and adjust the RRs as necessary.


> Is this a reasonable thing to do?  So far I have been unable to
> the results I need so I am just replicating for the time
> being.  Any help would be much appreciated.
> BIND 9
> Slackware 8.1

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