Partial Primary?

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Tue Oct 15 19:49:29 UTC 2002

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> > n the end, if you want something like this behavior:
> >
> > Inside resolves to <internal-IP>
> > Outside resolves to <external-IP>
> >
> > Inside resolves to <external-hosted-IP>
> > Outside resolves to < external-hosted-IP>
> >
> > Then, you will have to load "" on your internal name
> > and adjust the RRs as necessary.
> >
> > Dave...
> >
> >
> >
> What if I were to create a zone (on the internal dns) *called*
>  could I then somehow point the root of that zone
> an actual machine?

Yes, you could load a separate zone for each domain name you want to
resolve internally, however, from your first post I got the impression
that you were not interested in making a lot of extra work for yourself.
Get out the keystroke counter if you like, but, I think you will find it
less work to load the zone internally and populate it with the *most
correct* information for each RR.  Remember, most of the info in this
zone is not going to change, so, you won't be playing around with it
much after it is up and running...



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