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Mark Damrose mdamrose at
Thu Oct 17 22:00:49 UTC 2002

"Jim Reid" <jim at> wrote in message
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> >>>>> "Pete" == Pete Peterson <petersonp at> writes:
>     Pete> You might want to look into using granitecanyon as your DNS
>     Pete> service.
> Check around before doing this. There used to be frequent and heavy
> postings here from people who were having a variety of problems with
> GraniteCanyon: slow updates, poor responsiveness to change requests,
> etc. Luckily this stuff has gone away. The question is why have those
> postings stopped?  Maybe GC have got on top of these problems or maybe
> people have given up on their service, who knows?

The posts have stopped because GC has set up their own user support

GC is definitely slow to update.  Their status page shows they are running
122301 zones on a PIII 600MHz system.  This will certainly go up by the end
of the day.  Only 1 of the name servers is reliable, so if you do go with
them use another service for reliability.

On the plus side - they are a service that has been around for 5 years and
show no sign of changing their terms of service.  It is totally free, and
the most flexible as far as the free services I've seen.  The only
limitations they put on their service is that you must list their name
servers in your zone, you must be properly delegated, and you cannot use any
of GC's services for SPAM related support.  Compare to some of the other
services which are free - up to a point. will only do
secondary service and has a limit of 100 records spread across all the zones
you list with them. has a limit of 5 domains and a bandwidth
limit, after which they start to charge.

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