Bind v9 as secondary when primary is Bind v8

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Sat Oct 19 01:20:28 UTC 2002

> I'm having trouble configuring a secondary name server using Bind 9. I
> suspect that this has something to do with the fact that my primary server
> is running Bind 8.
> When I reload the _secondary_ name server the following is logged to
> /var/log/messages for each zone referenced in named.conf:
> Oct 18 20:48:44 HOSTNAME named[1984]: dumping master file:
> /chroot/named/etc/tmp-XXXXWkiZFA: open: file not found
> Oct 18 20:48:44 HOSTNAME named[1984]: transfer of 'domain.ext/IN' from
> failed while receiving responses: file not found
> Oct 18 20:48:44 HOSTNAME named[1984]: transfer of 'domain.ext/IN' from
> end of transfer

	I suspect that you are runing with "-t /chroot/named" and
	as such "/chroot/named" is *NOT* needed in the file references
	in named.conf.  Named is trying to open
	"/chroot/named/chroot/named/etc/tmp-XXXXWkiZFA" and
	"/chroot/named/chroot/named/etc" does not exist resulting in
	the error being reported.

> (I have replaced the server hostname with "HOSTNAME" and the example zone
> with "domain.ext" since both is irrelevant for this error message.)
> The IP address referenced in the log file is the IP address of the primary
> name server. I don't understand why it complains about a temp file that
> doesn't exist. Could it be a permission problem? My /chroot/named/etc
> directory where named.conf and the empty zone files resides has permissions
> 755 and is owned by user "root" and group "named". (The server is setup
> according to Steve Friedl's howto,
> I have configured rndc on the secondary server and checked that it works
> properly. Must rndc (or ndc) also be running on the primary server?
> Is my suspicion legitimate? Can the primary run Bind 8 and the secondary
> Bind 9 or do I have to upgrade the primary to v. 9.
> Thank you in advance for any tips and hints,
> --
> Erik Olsen
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