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	You can't create PTR, or any other kinds of records that are in a zone for which you are not delegated authority. If you are not authoritative for the reverse zone that contains the address of your mail server then it is someone else's responsibility to update it. You can check on to see who that might be.

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Dear Eric,
Thanx For your help, Excuse me because of my Bad English,
Don't we need a record like this:  IN  PTR
 in a file with this name:
With respect to this fact that  aaa.bbb.ccc is not in our ip addresses


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> At a certain time, now past, Mahmood Javanmardi spake thusly:
> > Suppose that We have "" domain that is mapped to a class C
> > say
> Technically speaking, a domain isn't mapped to a netblock.  A domain is
> delegated to nameservers and registered to an organization.  The
> organization that runs "" is then responsible for creating entries
> about hosts and subdomains under "".
> > But Our Mail Server is Somewhere else, ("") with another IP
> > address say that is shared between some mail server and
> > maintain by somebody else who have their own DNS server.
> That's not a problem, you need an entry in your zone for "" that
> tells the world that has an address of aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd.  That
> address does not have to reside on your network, but the host that is
> supposed to be an MX for "" needs to know that it's providing those
> functions.
> > I have created all the nessecary files to run bind means:
> > db.cache,  db.200.200.1, db.127.0.0, and also named.conf
> > But I don't know what I should append to these configuration to support
> > mail server.
> You need an MX record for the "" domain that points to
> and an A record for "".  There are a couple ways to do this,
> since you didn't let us know what your zone file looks like the entries
> below should help w/ your config.
>      IN     MX     5
> IN     A      aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
>        ~elh
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