Bind Problem :(

Mahmood Javanmardi javanmardi at
Sun Oct 20 12:01:58 UTC 2002

Dear Eric,
Thanx For your help, Excuse me because of my Bad English,
Don't we need a record like this:  IN  PTR
 in a file with this name:
With respect to this fact that  aaa.bbb.ccc is not in our ip addresses


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> At a certain time, now past, Mahmood Javanmardi spake thusly:
> > Suppose that We have "" domain that is mapped to a class C
> > say
> Technically speaking, a domain isn't mapped to a netblock.  A domain is
> delegated to nameservers and registered to an organization.  The
> organization that runs "" is then responsible for creating entries
> about hosts and subdomains under "".
> > But Our Mail Server is Somewhere else, ("") with another IP
> > address say that is shared between some mail server and
> > maintain by somebody else who have their own DNS server.
> That's not a problem, you need an entry in your zone for "" that
> tells the world that has an address of aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd.  That
> address does not have to reside on your network, but the host that is
> supposed to be an MX for "" needs to know that it's providing those
> functions.
> > I have created all the nessecary files to run bind means:
> > db.cache,  db.200.200.1, db.127.0.0, and also named.conf
> > But I don't know what I should append to these configuration to support
> > mail server.
> You need an MX record for the "" domain that points to
> and an A record for "".  There are a couple ways to do this,
> since you didn't let us know what your zone file looks like the entries
> below should help w/ your config.
>      IN     MX     5
> IN     A      aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
>        ~elh
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