ISC Bind 9 not supported with GCC?

Simon Waters Simon at
Mon Oct 21 19:30:30 UTC 2002

leam wrote:
> The statement on the ISC bind 9.2.2rc1 page says:
> "Building with gcc is not supported, unless gcc is the vendor's usual
> compiler (e.g. the various BSD systems, Linux)."
> I read something in the release notes about pthreads problems, but we're
> using Bind on Solaris with GCC. What exactly is "not supported"? Do I
> need to go to an earlier bind?

BIND 9 has never been supported on Solaris with GCC according to
the documentation, i.e. it always said that.

It works with GCC, and they fix bugs that prevent it working, so
"supported" seems to come down to whether you can buy a support
contract, and political issues, rather than technical.

I have a friend with a SPARC and the supported C compiler,
who'll invoice you for a build, for those who can't face the
huge risk of running it with the compiler everyone else uses on
SUNs ;-). I guess most groups this paranoid will stomp up the
cash for SUN's compiler, or buy a supported build or support
from someone else.

The SUN Big Admin site has a couple of places that package up
recent BIND 9 builds, last I checked, both were using GCC and
hadn't had any problem. I couldn't find anyone packaging using
SUN's own compiler, although SUN might be doing that by now.

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