Bind and Netware

Mark Damrose mdamrose at
Mon Oct 21 21:39:51 UTC 2002

"Thomas" <syvehc at> wrote in message
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> Can bind cause problems running on a redhat 7.3 running bind as a
> slave to a Netware server running DNS?  I don't think that would be a
> problem but others running netware said it was causing DNS errors to
> the netware master server.  How could that be if it is just a slave?

Netware's DNS server doesn't support a lot of the current DNS standards that
BIND does (Well, I'm familiar with 5, not 6).  For example NOTIFY, IXFR,
Negative Cache.  I've also seen strange things with BIND as a master and
Netware as a slave when the data contained a LOC record.

Netware stores its DNS database in NDS.  If you were doing a large zone
transfer it could negatively impact local network traffic and/or NDS

These are a couple of ideas off the top of my head.  I wouldn't really
consider these to be BIND causing problems, but a Netware weakness that
shows up when using with BIND.

Really, there's not enough information to go on.  Can the Netware admin show
any logs showing what the problems are?

> Thanks
> Tom

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