BIND 8 question about sending requests that I can't answer to another DNS server

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Oct 21 23:18:13 UTC 2002

Rob L wrote:

> I'm setting up BIND 8 and would like to know how I setup the DNS servers
> (primary and slave) to send all requests that they can't answer to another
> DNS server.  I don't want to do it by zone but simply "if my DNS servers
> can't answer the query then send onto my third DNS server", or is that the
> only way?
> I want to avoid reconfuring the clients (/etc/resolv.conf).

Sure, just specify "forwarders { ...; }" (the "..." would be the address of
your forwarder) and "forward only" in your "options" statement.

You wouldn't want to leave it that way indefinitely of course; too many hops
and points of failure. You should reconfigure your clients to point to the
new resolver as soon as you can. DHCP makes this kind of thing easy.

- Kevin

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