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Tue Oct 22 15:13:30 UTC 2002

Adam Vigneault wrote:

> That's interesting... so if I were to use Granite Canyon as my secondary
> DNS, I would probably want a tertiary DNS because they aren't very reliable?

Adam, did you get any help yet?  Are you still looking for help?

While you might think Kevin was being a bit heavy-handed, the fact is
that the Internet is impervious to things like terrorist attacks and
nuclear warfare specifically because DNS (and routing of course <smile>)
are redundant and work all (or most of <wry grin>) the time.

Looking at your site, it appears that you want to use it to generate
some level of business.  If that's true, then you'll find that your
clients will definitely judge the quality of your presence on the 'net,
and DNS is an important part of that presence.  If it's not true, then
forgive me for pointing this out, but then aren't you misleading the
public with your site?

So I'll presume it's true...

Your domain is registered with Tucows.  They won't transfer you to
nonworking nameservers, and they require two.

First, if you mentioned whether or not you've got a static public IP#, I
missed it.  You must have a static public IP# to run a nameserver.  So
let's presume you do.  Run primary DNS on that server, and leave it
turned on and online.  Register two nameservers at the same IP# if
Tucows will let you; it's bad practice, but it might work with them.

If you insist on going this route, expect a lot of your mail to bounce;
a lot of people to give up in disgust, a lot of search engines to never
list you.

If you really want to be in business, then not only your nameservers but
your domain, should always be online.

I understand your budget limitations; when I attended UofF my total
discretionarry budget was under $25 a week, including meals.  But if you
want to look like a "real" business, then you'll need to spend a
little.  Many registrars will provide free or low-cost DNS, and that's a
lot more important to a business than the chance to experiment with
DNS.  And many hosting companies will give you a site for a year for
$100.  Up 24/7.

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