Bind Zone file syntax question

Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Oct 25 02:52:12 UTC 2002

Joe McGuckin wrote:
> I'm writing some code to parse bind zone files so we can automate some
> time consuming chores around here.
> What statements modify the behavior or attributes of subsequent RR
> records?
> I can think of the $TTL, ORIGIN and SOA. Is there anything else?

A previous RR's owner name can influence subsequent RRs, too, if you
use repeat-last-name.

> Are multiple SOA records within the same 'origin' allowable? I ask
> because 'dig axfr'
> prints an SOA record at the top and bottom of the output. If multiple
> SOA records are allowed, should they always agree, or do the values of
> the last one seen override any previous values?

That's just the format of a zone transfer, in which the zone's SOA record
"brackets" the transfer.  It's actually just a single SOA record, though.

> What about multiple origin's? can there be multiple SOA's within a
> zone file of they're in different origins?

No.  Each zone has exactly one SOA record.


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