Did u read this article? ( from internetnews.com )

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Fri Oct 25 08:20:28 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Waters <Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk> writes:

    Simon> I thought the Microsoft fiasco was down to incorrect
    Simon> maintenance on the router, not malicious action, but either
    Simon> way the lack of redundancy was inexcusable.

Indeed. IIRC the spin M$'s PR people put on this fiasco was the
problem had been caused by a malicious external attack. That deflected
people away from the root cause: M$'s appallingly bad DNS set up. Now
it seems this myth about an external attack has taken over from what
really went wrong. There *was* a DoS attack: somebody at M$ was stupid
enough to put all their name servers for microsoft.com behind one
router -- well duh! -- and then somebody else at the company screwed
up the configuration of that single point of failure.

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