Geographical dispersal of name servers.

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Oct 30 16:58:14 UTC 2002

Martyn Hills wrote:
> Is there any real advantage in placing DNS servers at disparate
> geographical locations around the world?
> I have web servers located in the US which are used by customers
> located in the Far East and Australia - Someone suggested that we
> should site DNS servers in those geographic regions to speed up the
> resolution time.
> Perhaps I'm missing something, but I cannot see what would cause a
> Internet user located in Australia to be directed to the name server
> located in that country in preference to one located anywhere else.
> Where should I look for an explination?

Look for an explanation of roundtrip time, or RTT.  BIND name
servers tend to use the authoritative name server closest to them,
so spreading them around the world tends to help name servers
in far-flung locales.


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