What does premature EOF, fetching mean

Mark_Andrews at isc.org Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Oct 30 19:53:49 UTC 2002

> Hello,
> I know this thing might have been asked, but what does
> Oct 30 11:38:03 sec2.eu.psi.net named-xfer[27133]: premature EOF, fetching "d
> omain.net"
> Oct 30 11:55:51 sec2.eu.psi.net named-xfer[27376]: premature EOF, fetching "d
> omain.net"
> Mean. I have a case wher i see this 3 times for diferent domains, but I can n
> ot isolate it.
> What is causing this, any idea?
> thx,
> Marcus

	The master stopped sending the zone.  This could be due to a bug
	but it could also mean that the master reloaded / was updated and
	shut the zone transfer down to maintain the integrity of the zone
	being transfered.

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