Virtual Host and Reverse Lookup

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 30 20:34:20 UTC 2002

Patrick Nelson wrote:

> I have an apache web server with 10-12 virtual hosts on one ip
> address. Forward lookup is working very well and I believe reverse is
> also though I have come accross a problem
> I am trying to setup an internet disk for several of the domains using
> WebDav on Apache 1.3.  I believe that my problem is a DNS issue.
> I can WebDav to the primary domain ( perfectly and can
> see and edit files.  However if I try to webdav to a virtual domain
> ( then windows explorer will not and gives and error
> saying that could not be opened as a web folder.  To
> make things more interesting Dreamweaver will webdav in and out of
> all day long with not problems.
> Is this problem a reverse-lookup problem?
> I have zones setup for each of the virtual domains with A records for
> each domain.
>   IN    A
> and for the other one
>     IN     A
> For both of these zones I have aliaes for www
>     IN   CNAME
> and
>    IN   CNAME
> For revese lookup though I had to choose the primary ( to
> map to and none of the virtuals.
> >From everything I have read this is the proper way to setup reverse
> lookup but it is the only reason I can think of that I am gettting the
> webdav error in internet explorer.
> Does anyone else have any ideas and do I in fact have this setup
> properly.  Thanks for any help!

DNS _per_se_ doesn't really care where you point the PTR record, or even
if you have a PTR at all.

You need to further troubleshoot whether this problem is indeed related
to reverse lookup. Why don't you point the PTR to the other domain and
see if the WebDav behavior changes. If so, then maybe you need
*both* PTR records, or maybe there is a setting in WebDav to tell it to
ignore reverse DNS altogether.

- Kevin

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