Bind 8 and syslogerr: sysquery: no addrs found for root...

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Sat Jan 4 00:11:56 UTC 2003

> Hello - I'm not a newbie but maybe I am? who knows;-) 
> I've never had problems with my dns... until today - I did what I do
> always and often:  dig  . ns >
> then make it 644 and so on... evertime worked pefectly (I do did the
> same moves everytime).  Even if I ask nslookup for setq=ns for . I get
> right answer taken from root.cache. Everytime  I restart bind I get
> errors sysquery: sysquery: sysquery: no addrs found for root NS
> lots of them 13 lines as they are in root.cache. DNS works perfectly
> anyway. Only these errors... I have an other BINd 8 configured exactly
> the same and after some restarts the error dissapeared.
> Telll me - maybe the format of the file which is generated by dig
> can't be read by Bind 8 because this is the only way for me to expalin
> alll that.
> Thanx in advance for possible help ;-)
> Dariusz Brzeziñski
> 17seconds at
	It sounds like you did no error checking and have destroyed your
	root.cache.  Have you looked at the contents of root.cache?

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