[Q] How to do not logging 'Default TTL' ?

Doug Barton DougB at dougbarton.net
Sat Jan 4 05:32:24 UTC 2003

모기진 wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm using BIND-8.2.3 with Sparc Solaris 7.

Don't do that. :) Upgrade to 8.3.4 asap. 8.2.3 has a lot of ugly holes.

> If I don't put a default TTL value in a zone file,
> BIND always grumbles


> I don't want to put the default TTL value to all the zone files of the

I want a million dollars....  I'm not going to get what I want either. :)

You have to add the default $TTL, you have no way to avoid it. Here is a
way to do it that isn't terribly painful, assuming that all your files
are in the same directory:

for file in *; do
echo '$TTL 4h' | cat - $file > t && mv t $file

That assumes that you want a TTL of 4 hours, which is fairly standard.
Once you're done doing that, do 'ndc reload' and you should see all
those error messages disappear.

Hope this helps,


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