Bind 9.2.1 upgrade problem

phn at phn at
Sat Jan 4 11:00:43 UTC 2003

J Carpen <summerrain44 at> wrote:

> Hi,  I recently upgraded bind to 9.2.1 from 8.3.1.  However I'm now
> having problems resolving some external domains.  I get timeout when I
> try with bind 9.2.1 but the older version resolves it.  An example to
> that is  and domains registered at the same root
> server as this one.  Is there an incompatibility in bind 9 with
> certain dns servers and what can be done to fix this?

> Thanks...

I wouldn't be so much concerned about "", their servers         2h22m59s IN NS         2h22m59s IN NS

is broken, currently not answering at all

bind-9 is more stringent about following standards, so some
'illegal' constructs are simply refused. Which is my guess=20
that you see.

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