can a swing client application be configured to point to external DNS?

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Sat Jan 4 11:06:46 UTC 2003

John Lukar <johnlukar at> wrote:

> Hi.

> sorry if this is not the right group for this but can't find another
> one pertaining to my post.

> we have a java swing client running inside the firewall/proxy zone of
> a company.   We don't trust this companies  DNS resolution is working
> correctly and can't talk them into fixing it.

> question is:
> Is there a way to configure the client itself to use an external DNS
> server for name resolution?

Yes, have your resolver code look at other nameservers. This leads to
following problems :
1/ you need resolver source for your java vm.
2/ even if you can tweak your resolver( or write your own) the firewall
rules might not allow your client to ask queries to nameservers 'out there=

> this is without having to do any OS specific twicking.  Only the
> client application itself configured to use a different external DNS
> server.

> This is a java Swing application running on mixed windows/solaris
> enviornment.

> TIA for info.

The above workaround might very well interfere with "security policy"
for the site in question. I would advize not to try to circumvent
the policy.

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