IPv6 root dns name resolution?

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Sat Jan 4 11:20:52 UTC 2003

% All,
% I'm just getting started with IPv6 and have some DNS resolver issues. Just
% to make sure can someone tell me if the regular IPv4 root DNS servers should
% be able to resolve a IPv6 address or should I configure my local DNS to user
% other root DNS servers for IPv6. (which?)
% Thanks,
%   Rob

	The Internet root servers don't have any records that
	reflect IPv6 rr types so querying the roots for IPv6
	rr's will be frustration.
	However, they will point you to other servers that can
	resolve queries that will give you back IPv6 rrs. All
	of this over IPv4 transport.
	That said, the Internet root nameservers do not understand
	IPv6 transport so if your queries are coming in via IPv6
	transport, you may consider using the OTDR v6 testbed

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