Specifying ports with bind

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Skeeve Stevens <skeeve at skeeve.org> wrote:

> Hmmmm

> I thought that when a web browser required a domain, the host OS
> actually looks up the records required... not the actual browser.
> The same would be for mail clients and another other internet
> application.

> So would it be correct in saying that when Operating Systems support the
> SRV records this will work?

No. The OS alreday "does this", it's up to the applications.

> Or.. even if the OS did support SRV, would the browser (and other
> programs) also be required to interpret which port they should be using?

As i said, konqueror needs minor adjustments and a tweaked
getaddrinfo() routine.

> ...Skeeve

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>> > Hello,
>> > 	Is there a way to specify which port a record should listen to.
>> > For example if I have a domain name mysite.com with cname=20
> www.mysite.com
>> and when someone tries to access the website it defaults to port 80
> but if
>> i want it to default to port 81 is there a way to specify that with
> bind?
>> Please let me know. I appreciate any help.  Thanks
>> Clyde

> 	Not until browsers support SRV records.

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