Active Directory Integrated DNS

Rahul Parasnis rparasnis at
Thu Jan 9 06:03:14 UTC 2003

Hello ,

I been trying to find some options on using bind Servers to support the
Active Directory integration.

I have come to conclusion that I have decided to
Allow dynamic update only for Domain controller for
_tcp, _msdcs,_tcp,_sites zones only using allow-update statements.
Dynamic Update will be disabled from Windows clients . ( I know I have to
mange manually )

if anybody has any suggestions on not doing this kind configuration for
Windows 2k , please let me know ?

One of the point which has not become very clear for me is ,
When windows client boots up , it checks whether the A-records is present or
not , if it's present then it deletes it and makes the entry for it's name .

Question is , is it possible to add alias name for dynamically for wind2k
clients computername.
if Windows 2k client has two interfaces( or virtual interfaces ) then can it
make entries for two IP addresses ?

best regards,

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