Active Directory Integrated DNS

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Thu Jan 9 15:41:11 UTC 2003

Rahul Parasnis" <rparasnis at> wrote:

>I been trying to find some options on using bind Servers to support the
>Active Directory integration.
>I have come to conclusion that I have decided to
>Allow dynamic update only for Domain controller for
>_tcp, _msdcs,_tcp,_sites zones only using allow-update statements.
>Dynamic Update will be disabled from Windows clients . ( I know I have to
>mange manually )
>if anybody has any suggestions on not doing this kind configuration for
>Windows 2k , please let me know ?
>One of the point which has not become very clear for me is ,
>When windows client boots up , it checks whether the A-records is present or
>not , if it's present then it deletes it and makes the entry for it's name .

1) The archives of this newsgroup have LOTS of postings related to BIND
   and W2k DDNS.  Do some searches.  My personal file in which I have
   saved W2k-related postings is now over 100,000 lines.

2) I suggest delegating the four "_" zones to a MS W2k DNS Server, and
   be sure that you have the latest dns.exe on that server.

3) Disable client self-registration either changing the TCP/IP 
   properties on the machine or via group a group policy.

>Question is , is it possible to add alias name for dynamically for wind2k
>clients computername.
>if Windows 2k client has two interfaces( or virtual interfaces ) then can it
>make entries for two IP addresses ?

If you do not have the W2k workstation doing DDNS (nor DHCP doing DDNS),
then the zones can remain static (manual updates) on the BIND server,
and you can add any CNAME records you want.  Am I understanding your
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