Problems with NT 4.0 Microsoft DNS and Bind 8.2.3 (Linux)

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Fri Jan 10 22:19:36 UTC 2003

kibeki at wrote:

> Hi,

> when the Microsoft DNS (slave for the zone) tries to xfer a zone file fr=
> the Bind (master for zone) it recognizes the new zone file and then ends=
 in an
> error. The zone transfer does not work.
> The event log of the NT 4.0 machine tells something like "Ensure that th=
> host (master) is authorized for that zone".
> A zone transfer with another Bind 8.2.3 works fine.

> Is that a know problem? Unfortunately I could not find any hints in the =
> archiv.

Yes. It's a known problem that MS-DNS is buggy. Have you applied all
updates ?=20=20

If you really really MUST use wintendo-DNS, at least change to w2k.=20

Things that might influence your current problem that could be=20
affected by bind ;=20

transfer-format one-answer; in the option section could affect
your problems, also some versions of bind-8 seems not to play well
with ms-dns.

The easiest way out is to install freeBSD on the salve server. It will
solve all problems ( except for the iraq problem)

> Thanks for any response.

> bernd

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