Problems with NT 4.0 Microsoft DNS and Bind 8.2.3 (Linux)

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Jan 10 23:08:36 UTC 2003

At 11:29 AM 1/10/03, kibeki at wrote:

>when the Microsoft DNS (slave for the zone) tries to xfer a zone file from
>the Bind (master for zone) it recognizes the new zone file and then ends in=
>error. The zone transfer does not work.
>The event log of the NT 4.0 machine tells something like "Ensure that the
>host (master) is authorized for that zone".

In the BIND master for the zone add the following statement:
server ip.addr.msdns {
         transfer-format one-answer;

where ip.addr.msdns is the IP address of the MS DNS server. I believe
that BIND defaults to many-answers for the transfer format and Microsoft
cannot handle that format.

>A zone transfer with another Bind 8.2.3 works fine.

Run  and download the latest version of BIND, 8.3.4 if you need to stay
with BIND 8, 9.2.2rc1 if you can upgrade to BIND 9. BIND 8.2.3 has
serious security problems.


>Is that a know problem? Unfortunately I could not find any hints in the=
>Thanks for any response.
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