refresh_callback Timed out Failure

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Jan 13 21:50:16 UTC 2003

Sarkis Gabriel wrote:

>Hi all
>I have been trying to fix this error but i dont know what is wrong, at the
>moment i have set it and it transfered the file from scratch
>but when it is updating for some odd reason i get that and it is not
>allowing update.
>When i use dig i get everything so there isnt a problem between the link ie
>firewall ..
>Would apreciate any help on this matter i have read online about ppl having
>this problem but no one actualy gave a fix for it
>Jan 10 11:16:34 ns3 named[1720]: refresh_callback: zone
> failure for timed out
You're using dig to do a zone transfer, right? Any other kind of dig 
wouldn't be as useful a test. And you're doing the dig from the slave 
server? Does the transfer take longer than it should? Maybe the transfer 
works from the command line because you're more patient than the 
zone-refresh part of named. Also, double-check your firewall rules. 
Maybe the command-line transfer is using a different source port than 
named is. Make sure that TCP is appropriately open.

                                - Kevin


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