refresh_callback Timed out Failure

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Mon Jan 13 22:01:35 UTC 2003

> Sarkis Gabriel wrote:
> >Hi all
> >I have been trying to fix this error but i dont know what is wrong, at the
> >moment i have set it and it transfered the file from scratch
> >but when it is updating for some odd reason i get that and it is not
> >allowing update.
> >When i use dig i get everything so there isnt a problem between the link ie
> >firewall ..
> >
> >Would apreciate any help on this matter i have read online about ppl having
> >this problem but no one actualy gave a fix for it
> >
> >Jan 10 11:16:34 ns3 named[1720]: refresh_callback: zone
> > failure for timed out
> >
> You're using dig to do a zone transfer, right? Any other kind of dig 
> wouldn't be as useful a test. And you're doing the dig from the slave 
> server? Does the transfer take longer than it should? Maybe the transfer 
> works from the command line because you're more patient than the 
> zone-refresh part of named. Also, double-check your firewall rules. 
> Maybe the command-line transfer is using a different source port than 
> named is. Make sure that TCP is appropriately open.

	The refresh check is nothing more than
	"dig soa +norec @"
	The source port and/or address may also be forced.

	The nameserver can overwhelm itself with self generated traffic.
	Try dropping serial-query-rate, disable notify on slave zones.

>                                 - Kevin
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