avoiding resolution (and timeouts)

Dan Bar Dov Dan_Bar_Dov at etagon.com
Wed Jan 15 15:19:35 UTC 2003

I have a set of systems with dual ports.=20
One set of ports is set as an internal network, the other are on an
external network.

One of these systems is a "server" for the internal network. For example
all syslogs go there.
My problem started with the syslog on the master trying to resolve the
internal addresses.=20
It failed of course, since they are not served by any name server,=20
but it takes time for the resolver to get the answer.

I'd like to set up a name server on the master. I'd like it to listen
only on the internal network (easy),
But I also want it to immediately reply with a failure on any
(syslog 1.4 has a -x flag that causes it to not try to resolve
addresses, this is the behavior=20
I want all resolvers to get, whatever they are, so my guess is I need to
do it in named=20
and not in the resolvers)

The reason I'd like it to fail, is so I don't have to maintain a real
zone for the=20
internal network, being of no interest to anyone.

Any ideas how to achieve that would be great.

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