update forwarding denied?

Mike Diggins diggins at McMaster.CA
Wed Jan 15 23:32:50 UTC 2003

I just upgraded from Bind 8.2.6 to Bind 9.2.1. I've noticed this error in
my logs which I assume is a Windows machine trying to dynamic update which
I don't allow.

Jan 15 18:23:56 ns1 named[9647]: [ID 866145 local4.error] client update forwarding denied

Is that the same as what Bind 8 use to log as:

Jan 11 00:00:44 ns1 named[262]: [ID 295310 daemon.notice] denied update
from [].2154 for "chemtech.mcmaster.ca" IN

Also, why does it log at the error level rather than the notice level? I
should also mention that I have the following in my named.conf:

        category "update" { "null"; };

Any help appreciated. It logs these to the console which is annoying. I
can't realistically do much about the clients, too many to change!


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