Could someone fix my named.conf

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Sun Jan 19 22:47:40 UTC 2003

> Using BIND Version 9.2.1 I was able to setup cache-only DNS to serve
> my computers on internal network and the DNS works just fine for the
> task. Recently I registered my first domain so I need to
> modify my DNS setup (at least add master zone for The
> domain is associated with (my server) and
> (secondary DNS).  Although I read BIND documentation I
> still need your help ... just to be sure ... Below is my current
> named.conf which I need to modify (see comments):

	Add "allow-query {any;};" to the zone definition for as you suggested in your comments.  Also make
	sure you have the closing brace and semicolon.

	The global allow-query option affects access to the cache
	and is the default for the zone.


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