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Jeff Lasman jblists at
Mon Jan 20 04:27:27 UTC 2003

bassem Fahmy wrote:

> I am planning to subscribe to the ADSL service and let my computer
> work 24 hours to use it as web server.
> Can my idea work ?? ..if so

Probably not well...

> Which software I need than the Ms web server, Apache, front page
> extention (I think) ?.

This is the wrong list to discuss anything except DNS.  Are you planning
on running your own DNS, or are you planning on having it hosted for

If you're planning on running Bind as your own DNS server, then we can
help you with specific questions for that <smile>.

> And can I let my computer run 24 hours like that without any problem ?

It depends on your computer, the quality of your power and your power
supply, the cooling inside your case.

> * My second computer Configuration is 266, 13 H.D, 8 Ram

You might have enough RAM to run a nonrecursive nameserver.  I don't
think you've got enough RAM or horsepower to run any other services,
especially not under Windows.  You'll need to hand tune a current Linux
distribution to run on a system with so little in the way of resources.

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