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Mon Jan 20 18:18:58 UTC 2003

Alex Tang <cchytang at> wrote:

> Dear All

> I keep getting the following logs which shows that the dns server is
> being queried his ip address ptr record from different IP. However,
> the ptr is hosting by other name server. They should not query my
> server. Do any one know why they (applications) query the ptr from my
> server instead of the authoritative server which is hosting the ptr
> record.

> eg.

> 20-Jan-2003 17:25:49.285 security: notice: denied query from
> [].11853
> for "" PTR/IN

> (dns1) is a new dns server and hosting some domains.
> the ptr of is hosting by the other server ns1.

> Therefore, all request for querying the ptr of should go
> to ns1 nor dns1(

The client will ask the dns-servers listed in /etc/resolv.conf ( or
simular) for everything.

The client is not ( shall not) be smart and attempt to locate=20
which servers are doing what domains, that's a nameserver task. Thus
the client asks your nameserver all queries.=20

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