How to view a domain's configuration ?

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Tue Jan 28 19:42:39 UTC 2003

Emma <ckidon at> wrote:
> Hi all !
> I want to check if someone has really update his domain's configuration.
> With a Linux shell, I try the "host" command like that :

>> host -l

> but all I got is :

>> Host not found: 9<NOTAUTH>

> ( is an exmple)
> I think I don't have the authorisation to check that domain, but I'm not
> sure.
> Can anyone help me ? how can I bypass that security ? All I want to do is to
> check if there's really a CNAME in a domain... What's the good command to
> check that ?

> Thanks.
> Emma

read up on the 'dig' command. The manpage contains a number of examples.

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