ACLs, one zone two times on one host

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Tue Jan 28 19:43:54 UTC 2003

Helmut Schneider <jumper99 at> wrote:
> Hi,

> while exploring bind 9 admin reference I found 3.1.2 with an example of 
> internal/external configuration.

> bind resides within the dmz. It is configured as public primary. 
> Internal I use my Win2000-AD-DNS servers. The dmz has no access to the 
> internal net, at least not via DNS.

> Of course my workstations, fileservers, etc. are not listed on the 
> public DNS, but sometimes (name resolution by the proxy) it would be 
> usefull to have them listed e.g. as secondary zone with private access 
> only of course.

> If I would create two entries with the same but different 
> ACLs, would bind accept this? Propably I could start bind a second time 
> but surely not listening on the same port...

> Thanks, Helmut

Read about the 'view' statement where you can create several 
different vies depending on query-source.

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